Mirror Weekly Review #13
January 18th, 2022

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Web3 Debate

Web3 has become a topic that cannot be avoided. When the focus is on an emerging thing, controversy ensues.We curated several articles on Mirror responding to moxie's impressions of Web3. Some are about reflecting, some arguing. Whether pointing out the limitations of Web3 or defending the openness and freedom of Web3, they are all interpretations of Web3 from a particular perspective. Before for or against various opinions, dear readers, please ask yourself why you are here.



  • Music NFTs 101: an Artist-to-Artist guide:Music NFT is a way for musicians to seek financial independence. This article briefly introduces the basic knowledge of blockchain to artists new to it, while dispelling musicians' concerns about NFT damaging the environment and copyright issues, recommending some platforms for musicians to use.
  • Thoughts on investing in NFTs in 2022:Recap of bull case of NFT in 2021 and cool down later. Long term bullish on NFT and recommend different investment strategies for different retail investors.
  • The Worth of The Intangible:If you have ever doubted the value of NFT, this article may be for you. Compared to the physical products that you come across in your daily life, the author believes that the value of NFT is intangible and satisfying on a psychological level.
  • Forget About the Price Tag: What i've Learned About Crypto & NFTs So Far:On one hand, there’re high quality, awesome NFTs and it will profoundly change the music industry. On the other hand, the environmental impact of Ethereum makes the writer disappointed.



  • What is a DAO?:On DAO’s definition, comparison with traditional organisations.
  • DAOs: Organized Different:Talking from corporations to online communities, while the best coordination model turned out to be DAO, combining the fast decisions of corporations and the innovation of online communities.
  • DAO governance models - 101:Use ConstitutionDAO、ENS、FWB and Juicebox as cases to study the governance of a DAO.



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  • KYMXÅ:A writer foucsing on sound economy.
  • Intel Chen:A crypto researcher.

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