Mirror Weekly Review #12
January 11th, 2022

Mirror Process

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Key Word

Social Token

Social token is a type of cryptocurrency (crypto) whose value reflects fan enthusiasm. It’s the bridge between creators and fans. We saw some articles talking about social tokens last week. Since Mirror is a Web3 platform for creators and creators can already issue their token when raising funds.



  • ShillBoard.xyz - Decentralizing Paid Ads:Introducing ShillBoard, the decentralized billboard.
  • FWB Season Five: Social Spaces:FWB updates its progress and will launch Directory, the social space for the FWB community, in Season Five. The core part of Directory is your ID, which reflects your on-chain activity. Editor's note: This feature is similar to Web3 social applications such as RSS3 and Cyberconnect.
  • 🎁 Announcing DropList:DropList helps projects easily deploy airdrop campaigns while supporting eligible users to receive airdrops.
  • Introducing Bress.xyz: Social Network built on Mirror:Another Mirror-based community project has been launched. With Bress, readers can search and follow writers on Mirror and browse Mirror articles.


Research & Analysis

Education & Tutorial

  • the best strategy in Dark Forest:A strategy for Dark Forest beginners.
  • How To Launch Social Tokens To Rev Up Your Fans (And Growth):This article describes how to launch social tokens using social token platforms such as Rally and p00ls.
  • Making Sense of DAOs (2): Investment DAOs:An introduction to investment DAOs, i.e. using DAO funds to invest in incubation projects, with a focus on Web3 incubator Seed Club and venture capitalist The LAO.
  • A primer on zkSNARKs:As the title suggests.
  • Deep dive into NFT Metadata:This article introduces the development of NFT metadata standards, from ERC721 to ERC1551, and then to the metadata standard ERC2477. There’re also some metadata standards developed by Opensea and Zora.
  • Learn-to-earn:The author believes that learn-to-earn will be a trend in 2022. Compared to the non-transferable skills acquired through play-to-earn,  learn-to-earn skills are transferable, more widely applicable, and more helpful to one's career.



  • a year in music and web3…:Indie musician verite writes an article summarizing a year of immersion in Web3 music and NFT, early on minting her music NFT on Zora, later using Catalog to list NFT, and more recently exploring how to use NFT to satisfy collectors and traditional fans.
  • All Aboard Ha Ha Ha Ha… Ah Fuck, Did I Just Get Scammed? Hard Lessons from CryptoBatz:Just look at the title and you know it's a sad story. The writer clicked on a fake CryotiBatz website link by DM, resulting in the loss of coins in his wallet. Editor reminds everyone again: don't trust any DMs and don't click any link.


  • Jackofcrypto:Last week we introduced lilcoderman,this week we found another writer who shares developer resources.
  • jmo:Making sense of DAOs series of articles author, currently wrote two articles about DAO, look forward to reading more series of articles by this writer.

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