Mirror Weekly Review #10
December 27th, 2021


Web3 Music

"The last things to leave this planet will be water and music."(Credit: Water & Music) . How will Web3 reshape the music industry? We’ve read many articles about Web3 music on Mirror. Let’s read the latest weekly review while listening to the music.




Research & Analytic

Education & Tutorial


  • Collective Action within a DAO:Superteam launched a project  Ground Zero, which is used to onboard and educate people about Web3. They showed how they shipped it from an idea to a product.
  • DAOs and the Free-rider Problem:DAO free-rider refers to those who don’t participate in the governance while benifit from the good governance. In this article, the author discussed several mechanisms to incentive voters.
  • The Web3 Renaissance: A Golden Age for Content:Compared with Web2 where the gatekeepers take most profits, Web3 will be more just and provide flexible economic models with programmable smart contracts.



  • John Milinovich:John was the co-founder of URX,a mobile commerce provider which was acquired by Pinterest. He migrated his articles(about the experience of creating a startup) to Mirror.
  • Will Robinson:Robinson wrote the series articles of composable games. Record his experiences and thoughts on crypto games.

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