Mirror Weekly Review #28
May 3rd, 2022


  • My internal critic follows me into web3: author shares her background and experience as a DAO contributor. Opening up a new mindset and keep learning in this fast-evolving industry is critical to success.
  • Consumer Products in Web3:a guide to design winning protocols/products with open data, permissionlessness and code-is-the-law as the cores. Author uses Wordcel, an on-chain content distribution primitive on Solana for case studies (Editor: Why not mirror :(  )
  • Simplicity - The Holy Grail of Web3 Marketing. :Principles of Web3 marketing strategies, covering communication, campaigns and toolkits.
  • Job3 & the Internet Citizen:The author talked about the ways Job3 is disrupting our older models, in terms of the internet citizens’ compensation, talent, skillset, location and creator opportunities.
  • Why metadata matters for bio x web3: an introduction of standards of composable metadata by LabDAO, a community-operated open-source marketplace protocol for laboratory services.
  • From LinkedIn to Mirror: After his Linkedin account shadowbanned by LinkedIn, author switched to Mirror and shared thoughts about censorship from the legacy Web2 platform and optimistic future of Web3



  • New Dimensions: The Verse founder showcases scenarios where a few projects may use Verse. (editor: tons of alpha leak)


  • Recent Trends in Token Distribution: Some interesting researches on tokenomics development and trending, covering community driven, auction and vesting
  • Laundry list of Tokenomics: Another curation of tokenomic resource, which might be helpful to launch tokens
  • The Dark Side of Decentralization:Web3 is not the silver bullet to all the problems in Web2. Instead it can be more problematic in media & communication, governance & social order etc. It’s wise to keep reasonable optimism on Web3’s future.
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