Mirror Weekly Review #26


  • INTRODUCING TITLES:A NFT-based story-telling platform and ecosystem might be the next popular narrative(not live)
  • Tips for creators getting into crypto:The author gives some tips to new Web3 content creators. Such as focusing on creator market fit and using crypto as a monetization tool 
  • Web3 Identity:individual identities can be tied to blockchain interactions. If blockchain continues to proliferate, this may become the most meaningful study in human history.
  • Building a Decentralized Content Engine:Diana shares lessons learned from building a decentralized content creation platform. If we want to build a future version of the web that serves everyone around the world, then we need to understand the perspectives of the different representative groups we want to benefit from this.
  • I am an artist. I am excited by Web 3.0 and I think you should be too.:author’s reasoning why artists should migrate from Web2 commodification as the status quo to Web3 new world. Editor:  Web3 is by no means a perfect world for artists, with many speculators and flippers. The tradeoffs between Web2 and Web3 remain to be explored




  • A Simpler Guide to Ethereum:Though relatively simple and brief, it still takes 20 mins to read. A full grasp of Ethereum takes time
  • Ethereum PoS Attack and Defense:As the Ethereum Proof-of-Stake phase is coming, it'd be better to understand potential attacking factors and defense mechanisms.
  • Intro to Blockchain Bridges:Believes in a future of Multi-chain? Perhaps nothing more critical than bridges. These are slides for bridge security and relevant projects.
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