Mirror Weekly Review #32
May 31st, 2022


  • Introducing Writing NFTs: Mirror releases Writing NFTs on Optimism! For each write-up, the author can configure it as NFT and the collectors will pay for minting. The Optimism L2 deployment reduces gas fee significantly. In addition, author are able to set the NFT price and maximum mint limit



  • This Week in Music NFTs - May 23: a weekly news curation which keeps you updated with music NFT market
  • Then and Now: announced a new on-chain generative music NFT by BeatFoundry and Daniel Allen - mint price 0.08 eth and total supply 900


  • Finding Freedom and Agency in DAOs: In today’s workplaces it’s common for top down decision making and actual work happens at bottom. Employees exchange their power for living. In the age of DAO, governance is everyone’s responsibility. Reclaim your power in DAOs.


  • Uniswap V2 in Depth: A deep review of Uniswap v2 as an episode from Defi Depth, which is to understand from a first-principles approach how the top DeFi protocols work under the hood


  • Vesting to Splits:0xSplitsoffers a new vesting module - the funds need to be vested before transferring to the destionated addresses



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