Mirror Weekly Review #38-39
July 22nd, 2022

It seems there’s a bug that when the article begins with the heading 2 format I cann’t update it. So now you see this sentence.



  • Continuous Auction Of NFTs Used To Monetize Public Goods: Discussion of NFT as provenance devices, which can be a good solution to monetize public goods. Continuous auction of NFTs, like Nouns DAO,  is the ideal structure to monetize public goods.
  • The Backed Community NFT: Backed project introduces community gated soulbound NFT. The onchain art updates based on the owner’s engagement of community
  • Defining "NFT" in historical context: a blog digging into the history of NFT, not on Ethereum but on Namecoin
  • Introducing NFT Memberships On Coinvise: Coinvise, a platform to mint ERC-20 social tokens for creators/communities, recently introduced its NFT memberships.
  • Crisis (The Album): An album with 30 pieces and 29 second long each. It was planned for traditional release but a stream only starts to count after 30 seconds on Web2 platform so the album is valueless. The author decides to release it on Web3 as NFT to prove its own value
  • Onchain Block Invaders (OBI): Author introduces the design deep dives of OBI, A fully on-chain NFT collection built on Ethereum


  • Sov: a blog recently migrated from Substack to Mirror, offering crypto grants and incentives info
  • Contextualizing the Crypto Revolution: evaluation of crypto revolution by tracing back to the building blocks in human history for thousands of years.
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