Mirror Weekly Review #34
June 14th, 2022


  • Web3 NFT-gated Communities: Gated community is one of the most popular NFT use cases. This is an intro of three NFT-gated communities: Lobster DAO, Cryptotesters and EVMavericks.
  • Your Web3 identity. An interesting topic about Web3 identity. It starts from a history of web authentication,  and then how Web3 can make a difference in this field, and finally some relevant projects in this field.
  • Why Story is Important (to Web3): discussion on how Web3 allows for better storytelling through novel technology and novel engagement mechanisms                            
  • 5 Tips to Enjoying a Web3 Hackathon: a dev share her full-time Web3 experience and tips on hackathon



  • Governance in Review: a review of governance. The first half is on how DAO balances between efficiency and diversity. The second half summarizes the Gitcoin 14 learning as standards, engagement, equilibrium, and responsibility


  • Disaggregating the Blockchain Stack: Ethereum will transform from a monolithic blockchain to the Web3 settlement layer, while rollusps will function as the execution layers
  • Introducing Upshot gmi: gmi, as the latest feature from Upshot, enables NFT-related activity of on-chain wallets analytics, including total blue-chip NFT amounts, the date of first bought and the unrealized profit, etc.
  • State of Ethereum L2s: A guide just migrated to Mirror introducing the states of Ethereum Layer 2.

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