Mirror Weekly Review #22

Mirror Eco

  • How to make your Mirror blog more immutable:Mirror stores text on the Arweave while keeping the media/image on its own centralized server. This post guides us how to make our Mirror blog more immutable by using decentralized storage network to store the image.
  • Bress.xyz Update - March:Bress, one of projects built on top of Mirror, releasing new features including supporting Mirror crowdfunds, integration of CyberConnect and ChainFeed Topics.


  • The Blueprint - A Web3 Music Journey.:As a weekly Twitter Space event hosted by Saint Rein, The Blueprint invites successful web3 creators or prominent figures, providing advice to audiences who may consider stepping into the industry.
  • Collected web3 twitter threads:a collection of twitter threads endorsed by Chris Dixon, general partner from a16z and twitter influencer. 




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