Mirror Weekly Review #33
June 7th, 2022



  • Chaos Packs: How The NFTs Work: Songcamp releases its headless brand project CHAOS - music NFT selling in packs at 0.2 eth each and total supply at 21000. Each pack includes 4 NFTs, each containing one of the 45 songs created over the past 3 months.
  • Songcamp x 0xSplits: collaboration announcement between 0xSplits and Songcamp, building NFTs for splits liquidity.
  • Dework raises $5M seed round led by Paradigm & Pace: Dework - a decentralized collaboration platform raised 5 millions led by Paradigm
  • Introducing DustSweeper v2:DustSweeper introduces its latest vesion with more tokens supports, gas optimization and dynamic pricing.



  • Week in Crypto Drama #10: a collection of crypto dramas. Bring you popcorns
  • Victoria: Victoria’s Secret?? A collection of NFT with 100k pieces with secret embedded
  • Joining Chapter One as Head of Community and Growth: David Zhou announced his role as head of community and growth at Chapter One and he will help portfolio companies create unique community experience.
  • What Concerns to End Users have on Blockchain and Crypto: It’s usually FUD that ends new crypto adopters. We are in favor of someone holding responsibility for us, so when things go wrong, we can blame them rather than ourselves. Crypto offers transparency and immutability to users while the traditional Web2 services take that responsibility for users.
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