Mirror Curator DAO Announcement
December 2nd, 2021

What is Mirror Curator DAO (hereinafter called the“MC DAO”)

As one Sub DAO of RhizomeDAO, MC DAO is dedicated to selecting, reviewing and spreading high-quality content and creators on mirror.xyz, helping readers to quickly understand the exciting views of creators on Mirror and introducing Web3 to more users.

Structure of MC DAO

The DAO members are divided into three main categories: Gatherer, Editor and Spreader.

  • The Gatherer is responsible for selecting quality content and authors on Mirror and giving reasons for the selection as reviews.
  • The Editor is responsible for proofreading the selected content and reviews, and then organising and publishing them on mirror.
  • The Spreader is responsible for delivering the selected content to more channels, including but not limited to Twitter, Discord, Telegram, WeChat, Weibo, etc.

MC DAO products

Currently, the main product of DAO is Mirror Weekly Review, which publishes selectively chosen content, data, insights and authors of the previous week on Mirror every Monday. In the future, MC DAO will work with RhizomeDAO's developers to develop new products around Mirror.xyz.

How to participate in the MC DAO

  1. If you are interested in MC DAO, please fill out the application form, choose your own role (please only choose one of the three roles above)
  2. Ater evaluating the eligibility of the applicant, qualified candidates will be invited to join the candidate pool channel and be awarded the specific candidate roles, such as Gatherer candidate, Editor candidate.
  3. The performance of the above candidates in the candidate pool channel will be evaluated for a period of one month, during which candidates can share selected content in the candidate pool channel, provide editorial comments on MC DAO published articles and disseminate MC DAO published articles.
  4. At the end of this period, qualified candidates will be invited to join MC DAO’s Core Contributor Channel and formally take over the creation and distribution of MC DAO related content.
  5. At the end of this period, unselected candidates will be cancelled.

Is there an incentive for MC DAO

We want to discover like-minded people who recognize the decentralized content platform, so as the DAO itself has no profit model or incentive at this stage. However, we would like to inform all interested users that there is an incentive called "social capital", which reflects in that you will be able to discover Mirror's quality content faster and more easily through the MC DAO, and there may be plenty of opportunities within that content. MC DAO has close ties to the Mirror team, and if you believe Mirror will succeed, then membership of the MC DAO will bring you social influence.


Translated by Lucas3s

Reviewed by K Erica

Designed by cryptodesigner

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