Mirror Weekly Review(Week #6)
December 2nd, 2021



This is the second time we picked Web3 as the keyword. There’re so many Web3 related articles on Mirror last week. Some are for education and others share their experience about Web3. All are excited about the promising future of Web3 which gives creators, community a new way to realize their values.



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  • Re-thinking the artist-label relationship on the blockchain: Blockchain changes the relationship between artists and labels.Through using blockchain to create an NFT, the artist created a new store of value for their work that previously could not have existed, without having to give up the rights to their work. The label is making its revenue off the value of the original NFT and its associated products .
  • Web 3 is making the music industry great again: Compared with Web 2 music industry, Web 3 gives the music artists a direct way to raise funds from their fans and totally changes the industry structure.
  • And The Winner of The Metaverse is….Sotheby’s?: Sotheby’s has been so receptive to this shift towards digital assets. It opened a Virtual Art Gallery in Decentraland, launched NFT auction and has two collections on display on their Metaverse Gallery site.
  • Going Full Time Web3: The author recalled how he learned solidity and joined rabbithole.
  • Why we all should be excited about web3?: The author used a “flipped iceberg” model to explain that Web3 gives the power back to the hands of the community.


We’re glad to interview Brodie Conley who has a rich experience in the music industry and a policy education background. Although Brodie emphasizes he’s new to Web3(only started to learn a month ago) he has shown excellent insight about this area. He followed many well-known people in the crypto area, read materials of multiple crypto media, and read whitepapers. Smart contract changed the way he thought about the world and everyday he met exciting new projects. So far his favourite project is GenreDAO, a record label with an ALL GENRE ethos. He hopes folks can focus instead on testing and growing long-term structures that support everyone more fairly into the future, not just personal self-enrichment in the short term.


  • Brodie Conley: Brodie has a background in music industry and governance. He writes articles about Web3 and music.
  • stackin.eth: stackin writes articles about music NFT and DAOs.

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